Bioresources Engineering

Biomineral Processing is an emerging technology with significant potential to add value to the mining industry as well as deliver attractive environmental and social benefits to the communities within which the companies operate. Heap bioleaching units are cheaper to construct and operate and are therefore more suited to the treatment of lower grade ores. Bioleaching technique because of its simplicity and low capital cost requirement is especially suitable for developing countries.

Bio-minerals Department has taken up several projects in the area of biomineral processing. A 2000 Ton bio heap leaching plant to treat low grade copper ore and mill spillage has been set up at HCL, Malanjkhand jointly by IMMT, Bhubaneswar & HCL. This facility is unique in the country.

Eastern region network project on "Collection, characterization and screening of potential microalge from West Bengal & Orissa Coast , and Pilot Scale Demonstration of Algal Oil Production" was approved by DBT, New Delhi, IMMT, Bhubaneswar being Eastern area coordinator. Microbial desulphurization of calcined pet coke (CPC) sponsored by ALCOA, USA is continuing.