Mineral Processing

The mineral beneficiation activities at IMMT, Bhubaneswar have been a part of the Minerals and Metals division since the inception of the laboratory in 1964. Following the significant changes in the scenario of mineral production and utilization in the country as a consequence of the new policy of liberalization and globalization, the recently reorganized Mineral Processing Department (formerly Mineral Processing Technology Department) re-oriented itself towards solving the R&D problems related to utilization of lean and off grade ores. The other thrust areas are energy and environmental aspects of processing different ores / minerals and development of processes for recovery of values from wastes and by products of mineral industries.



 Evaluation of low grade ores and minerals to develop suitable flow sheets. 

 Generation of design data for scale-up.

 Development of innovative and new techniques for utilization of complex ores.

 Development of processes to recover valuables from wastes and by-products.

 Improving the performance of existing plants by suitable modification.

 Energy reduction in unit operation in mineral processing.

 Environmental pollution studies related to mineral, metallurgical and chemical industries.

Basic and fundamental research to support the above activities.