Achievements » Multi-Fuel Fixed Chulha

  1. Application :
    It is low cost multi-fuel cook stoves and fixed in position. The chulhas (cook stove) are used for cooking in smokeless condition with reduced fuel consumption and pollution. Solid fuels like wood, twig, leaf, dung cake, agriculture waste, raw coal, briquettes etc., can burn in the stoves at high thermal efficiency (25 to 45%) with 45% fuel savings. Cooking capacity: 5 to 500 persons with different size of chulhas.

  2. Raw Materials:
    Mild steel plate for fabrication of the skeleton of this stove & clay for installation.

  4. Process Features:
    The steel parts of the chulha are fabricated in tiny industries. The chulhas are constructed with clay, brick and pre-fabricated steel parts. Complete combustion of the fuels is obtained in the corrugated grate and perforated combustion chamber of the chulha through flow of preheated primary and secondary air streams, like multi-fuel portable stoves. Ash scraper helps for removal of ash from the chulha during burning of high ash fuels.

  5. Market:
    30 Millions/year

  6. Status of Commercialisation:
    The stove has been commercialised by MNES, Govt. of India, OREDA, NGOs and International Organizations in India.

  7. Equipment and gadgets :
    Welding machine, ball press, and sheet cutting machine required for fabrication.

  8. Nature of Enterprise :
    Tiny and Cottage scale.

  9. Project Economics :
    Capacity : 50 chulha/day
    Capital cost : Rs.80,000/-
    Cost of production :
    SK-Delux (family): Rs.200.00
    SK-Agni : Rs.75.00
    SK-Delux (Community) : Rs.700.00

  10. Technology Package :
    Know How, engineering drawings, jig and fixture, training and demonstration for fabrication.
  11. Licence Fee :
    Free of cost
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