Achievements » Low Cost 'TERAFIL' Water Filter

  1. Application :
    TERAFIL is a low cost burnt red clay porous media (disc/candle), used for filtration & treatment of turbid raw water into clean drinking water for domestic/ community applications. Suspended particles, sediment, iron & many heavy metals, micro-organism, colour & bad odour etc are separated from raw water effectively during filtration, without clogging the core of the TERAFIL. It can be fixed with any container for purification of water. Quality of product water is within BIS limits, especially for turbidity, iron & micro-organisms. Cost of purification is within Rs.2/- per ton of product water, considering total cost of plant. It operates without electricity, spent water and sludge management. Average life of TERAFIL media is five years. 1 to 50,000 lit/day capacity filter/plants is available for domestic, online & community applications.
  2. Raw Materials:
    Pottery clay, sand & wood saw dust for preparation of TERAFIL media (disc/candle).
  3. Process Features:
    TERAFIL is prepared out of a mixture of sand, red clay & wood saw dust. Terafil media comprises of thin clay walls (clay membranes) and each clay wall separated by large size pores. The thin clay walls contain ultra-fine capillary openings (sub-micron in size) which bridge the pores. Raw water flows from one pore to anther through capillary openings during filtration in Terafil media, leaving behind sediments, suspended particles etc on top surface of Terafil. Terafil helps for effective filtration & treatment of raw water into clean drinking water. Terafil is fitted at the bottom of any container for filtration and treatment of raw water.
  4. Market:
    10 lakhs/yr
  5. Status of Commercialisation:
    Produced and disseminated by Micro-enterprisers, Govt. agencies, NGOs, International Organization. More than 80,000 units are disseminated during 2000-2008 in different states of India.
  6. Equipment and gadgets :
    Grinding and mixing machine, Queen Kiln, Jigs & fixtures for preparation of TERAFIL.
  7. Nature of Enterprise :
    Micro/ cottage / small scale Industry
  8. Project Economics :
    For production capacity = 2000 units/month (domestic size)
    Capital investment : Rs. 5.00 lakhs
    Unit cost of domestic water filter : Rs.550/-
    Unit cost of Terafil disc : Rs.40/-
    Life of Terafil disc : 03 years
    Avg. Rate of filtration : 01 lits/Hr.
  9. Technology Package :
    Know How, Engineering drawings, jig and fixture, training and demonstration for fabrication.
  10. Licence Fee : NIL
       For Industries under MSME