General Administration

The General Administration consisting of Establishment, Finance & Account, Store & Purchase sections, provides administrative supports to various activities of the Laboratory.

People Administration Telephone Email
B.C  Sahoo Controller of Administration (COA) 0674-237-9501
Ramakant  Dash Section Officer (E-I) 0674-237-9408
C.M Tudu Section Officer (E-II) 0674-237-9175
S. Jena Section Officer (EIII & DDO) 0674-237-9403
Finance & Accounts
D. Sethi Finance & Account Officer 0674-237-9510
Kolla Ramesh Finance & Account Officer 0674-237-9341
Stores & Purchase
MS Ansari Stores & Purchase Officer (S&P) 0674-237-9513
Mr. Lokanath Patnayak Section Officer (S&P) 0674-237-9293
L.D. Bihari Sr.Technical Officer-2 0674-237-9478
Hindi Cell
T V. Raju Hindi Officer 0674-237-9387