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  • Dr. Siddhartha Kumar Pradhan, Sr. Principal Scientist 8917350274, ,  


    Dr. S.K. Pradhan has degrees in Metallurgy and Materials Science from NIT(REC, Rourkela), IISc Bangalore and University of Kentucky (USA). After PhD he went to France for postdoctoral research in PARIS-TECH (ENSAM, Cluny), France. He joined IMMT Bhubaneswar in 2007 in the Advanced Materials Technology Dept. His research interests are in thin films and coatings,  vacuum and plasma based processes ,and materials characterization.

    • Principal Scientist, since 2014
    • Senior Scientist, 2010-2014
    • Scientist, IMMT Bhubaneswar, 2007-2010.
    • Fellow (Scientist), IMMT Bhubaneswar, 2006-2007.
    • Postdoctoral Fellow, PARIS TECH (ENSAM) Cluny, France, 2003-2005.
    • Research activities are focused on growth of thin films and coatings by plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition (PACVD) and reactive sputtering methods. Much of the work is focused on diamond like carbon (DLC), diamond and TiO2 thin films. Recently, plasma cleaning processes are being explored for industrial, bio-medical and societal applications. Raman spectroscopy and ellipsometry are used for thin films study.
    • EGIDE Fellowship, PRIS TECH (ENSAM-Cluny), France 2003.

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      S.K. Pradhan, M. Jeevitha, S.K. Singh, Plasma cleaning of old Indian coin in H2-Ar atmosphere, Appl. Surf. Sci. 357 (2015) 445-451.

      PATENTS :

        1. B.Bhoi, B.K. Mishra, R.K. Paramguru, S.K. Pradhan, P.S. Mukherjee, Priyanka Rajput, Sambita Sahoo, Snigdha Priyadarshini, S.K. Das, Green process for the preparation of direct reduced iron. US patent (US8728195).

        2. 2  S. Kumari, S.K. Singh, S.K. Pradhan, Modified process for preparation of graphene based metal nanocomposite for corrosion and wear resistance hydrophobic coating (Indian Patent filed No. 201711040191, dated 04-11-2017). 


      Development of 3D diamond like carbon (DLC) coating for wear resistant parts in an indigenously developed plasma reactor (CSIR, 2016-2017)

      Processing of Natural Gemstones (Microwave treatment) (CSIR, 2012-2017)

      Transition from amorphous to hard carbon (DLC) to diamond growth (CSIR-BMBF, 2011-2013)

      Making and characterization of pure- diamond based windows for optical and radiation applications (BRNS, 2011-2014)

      Growth of thick DLC- DLC:N multilayer wear- resistant coating by plasma activated chemical vapor  deposition (DST-SERB, 2009-2011)

      Growth of switchable superhydrophilic- superhydrophobic TiO2 thin films by sputtering (DST-FASTTRACK, 2008-2011)