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  • Dr. Bibhuranjan Nayak, Chief Scientist - Head CCD 9431302530, ,  


    Dr. Bibhuranjan Nayak is a Gold Medallist in Geological Sciences from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. Qualifying both GATE and CSIR-NET examinations he pursued his doctoral research with a CSIR fellowship at erstwhile RRL Bhubaneswar. After obtaining a Ph.D. degree from Utkal University, he started his career as an Assistant Manager in the R&D Division of TATA STEEL (TISCO) at Jamshedpur. After serving TATA STEEL about 2 and ½ years he moved to the CSIR National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur as Scientist-C and served there for 16 years. Before moving to CSIR-IMMT, he was heading the Mineral Processing Division of CSIR-NML and at present he holds a Sr. Principal Scientist post at CSIR-IMMT Bhubaneswar and heading the Central Characterization Department. Dr. Nayak is a recipient of the prestigious “Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship” and has carried out his post doctoral research at the Freie Universitat- Berlin, Germany in 2001-02. He is also the recipient of CSIR-Young Scientist Award in Earth Sciences in 2004. In 2014 he received “H.S. Pareek Award” from the Geological Society of India. He has about 37 peer reviewed SCI Journal publications. He has received ‘Best Paper Award’ from SGAT, Bhubaneswar, and IIME, Jamshedpur. Some of his research papers have been covered by print media and one of his papers on origin of manganese nodules has been cited and acknowledged by the most trusted visual media: “National Geographic”. The scientific documentary series “Cosmos: A Space time Odyssey” in its final episode (episode 13; entitled Unafraid of the Dark) telecast some images/visuals from his work. “Cosmos” was aired by both FOX and National Geographic channels worldwide. Dr. Nayak has presented his research findings in United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa and Switzerland.

    • Mineralogy and Ore Geology.
    • CSIR Young Scientist Award 2004 in Earth Sciences.
    • H.S. Pareek Award 2014.
    • Nayak B. and Meyer, F. M. (2016): Manganilmenite in the magnetite ore body from Pokphur area of Nagaland, northeast India and the possibility of microdiamonds in the ophiolites of Indo-Myanmar ranges. Current Science, Accepted.
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