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  • Dr. Kali Sanjay, Chief Scientist - Head 9338291970, ,  


    Dr. Kali Sanjay is having twenty eight years of experience in the field of extractive metallurgy, specifically in process flow-sheet development to recover non-ferrous metals from low-grade ores/secondaries, design and scale-up of hydrometallurgical plants, solid waste remediation, utilization of industrial effluents and computational fluid dynamics. Additionally, he has been working as Professor, Faculty of Engineering Sciences at CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar for Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) since 2011, teaching a postgraduate course on ‘Recycling of Material Resources’ and supervising M.Tech/Ph.D thesis works. Dr. Sanjay has been associated with 56 projects as a project leader, coordinator, or as activity in-charge, carried successfully liasioning with external agencies, project planning, and implementation. At present, he is leading projects on strategic, industrial, government, and CSIR projects at CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar with a budget of above Rs 50 crores for a period of three years.

    • 1993 to 1998 Jr. Scientist.
    • 1998 to 2002 Scientist.
    • 2002 to 2006 Sr. Scientist.
    • 2006 to 2012 Principal Scientist.
    • 2012 to 2017 Sr. Principal Scientist.
    • 2017 to continuing Chief Scientist

    Design and scale-up of hydrometallurgical unit operations

    Process flow-sheet development to recover non-ferrous metals from low-grade ores/secondaries.

    Solid wastes and effluents processing / electroremediation / electrowashing / salt-splitting.

    1. Received fourth prize (Rs One lakh prize) in the ‘Grand fly ash utilization challenge’ contest conducted by NTPC during 2018-19.

    Books / Book chapters

    ‘Polymetallic Nodules’; Proceedings of National Seminar on Polymetallic Nodules, Editors : Shashi Anand and Kali Sanjay, 2005.

    Book chapter on ‘Aqueous Electrodeposition of Non-Ferrous Metals’, Tondepu Subbaiah and Kali Sanjay in ‘Electrodeposition: Properties, Processes and Applications’, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. ISBN-10: 1614708266 & ISBN-13: 978-1614708261, 2011.

    Book chapter on ‘Arsenic Removal from Industrial Effluents through Ferric Arsenate Precipitation’ in ‘Environmental Science and Engineering, Vol. 4: Water Pollution & Waste Water Treatment’,  Barsha Dash, Geetanjali Mishra, Kali Sanjay and Tondepu Subbaiah, Pages 354-363, Editor of Volume Dr. J C Singhal, Chief Editor Dr. Bhola R Gurjar, Executive Editor Dr. J.N. Govil, Publisher Studium Press LLC, USA, ISBN of Series 1-62699-088-3, ISBN OF Volume 1-62699-092-,2017.


    1.     Facile synthesis, characterization and application of magnetic Fe3O4-coir pith composites for the removal of methyl violet from aqueous solution: Kinetics, isotherm, thermodynamics and parametric optimization. Sanjay Sarkar, Nitika Tiwari, Meerambika Behera, Sankha Chakrabortty, Kavya Jhingran, Kali Sanjay, Shirsendu Banerjee, Suraj K. TripathyJournal of the Indian Chemical Society 99.5, 100447,2002.

    2.     Reclamation of tungsten from spent HDS catalyst: a detailed study, Mahalik, Surjeet, A. R. Sheik, Barsha Dash, C. K. Sarangi, and K. SanjayIndian Chemical Engineer 1-14, 2022.

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    9.    An anionic and cationic surfactant-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of cobalt oxide nanoparticles as the active electrode material for supercapacitors, RR Samal, Aneeya K Samantara, S Mahalik, JN Behera, B Dash, K Sanjay, New Journal of Chemistry, Vol 45 (5), 2795-2803, 2021

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    A process for extraction of nickel from low-grade chromite ore (International Patent Numbers: European Patent (EP1697549 B1); Australian Patent (AU 2002348824 B2); Indian patent (234452 (0483/DEL/2003)).

    An electrochemical system and process for the reduction of nitric acid concentration using electrolytic cell (Patent File No. 3198/DEL/2012; US 20150291451 A1; WO 2014057505 A4).

    Hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of tellurium from high lead-bearing copper refinery anode slime. (Paten File No: 2459DEL2013; US Patent App. US20150053572 A1).



    A process for production of crystalline boehmite by precipitating from supersaturated sodium aluminate liquor under atmospheric conditions at a temperature as low as 500C (Patent No. 267384 Dated 28/07/2015).

    An improved process for the continuous conversion of Fe (III) present in phosphoric acid to Fe(II) by electrolytic reduction  (Patent File No.0063/DEL/2008).

    A pyro-hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of alumina and calcium silicate from flyash (Patent File No: 0252NF2015)


    Ongoing projects

    1. ‘Technology development (Extractive metallurgy) for Polymetallic nodules (PMN)’ (Project Leader); Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India.

    2. ‘Recovery of Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD) from Manganese Ore: Process optimization for existing plant at MOIL, alternate process development and Basic Engineering Package preparation’; (Project Leader); Manganese Ore India Ltd. (MOIL), Nagpur.

    3. ‘Technology transfer of cobalt manufacture’; (Project Leader); Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited, (MIDHANI), Hyderabad.

    4. ‘Evaluation of suitability of Nano iron/ iron oxide powders for energy and sensor applications’; (Project Leader); National Minerals Development Corporation (NMDC), Hyderabad.

    5. ‘Cobalt technology from impure cobalt hydroxide: Process flow sheet development’; (Project Leader); Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (MIDHANI), Hyderabad.

    6. ‘Technology Development for holistic utilization of Red Mud’ (Project Leader); HINDALCO, NALCO and VEDANTA.

    7. ‘Preparation of Basic Engineering Package (BEP) for setting up of pilot plant on use of fly ash/pond ash for production of wear resistant ceramic tiles’; (Co-Project Leader); National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO), Bhubaneswar

    8. ‘Optimization of process for the treatment of Spent Pot Lining carbon for the recovery of valuables and bench scale testing’; (Co-Project Leader); National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO), Bhubaneswar

    9. ‘Development of process for production of pure and white Alumina Tri Hydrate (ATH) for solid surface application’; (Co-Project Leader); National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO), Bhubaneswar

    10. ‘Sedimentation studies, up-scale testing and basic engineering for thickener for treatment of Mn ore fines’; (Co-Project Leader); Manganese Ore India Ltd. (MOIL), Nagpur.


    Projects completed as Project Leader /Co-Project Leader/Activity in-charge/Member

    1. ‘Detailed Engineering Design of Solvent Extraction – Electrowinning for extraction of cobalt from super alloy scraps: 200 kg/day capacity’. M/s Rubamin Ltd., Baroda.

    2. ‘Modelling of the electrorefining cell in the pyroprocessing demonstration facility’, IGCAR (DAE), Kalpakkam.

    3. ‘Development of electrochemical mixer-settler and optimization studies for the recovery of palladium from high-level liquid waste’, IGCAR (DAE), Kalpakkam.

    4. ‘Extraction of Tungsten values from Hutti gold mine tailings concentrate and scrap: process  flow sheet development, bench scale studies and pilot scale testing’; Defense Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DRDO).

    5. ‘Recovery of alumina from Fly ash – modifications and validation of flow sheet’; National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO), Bhubaneswar.

    6. ‘Technology development, demonstration and shifting of 1000 cm2 EM cell for splitting of sodium sulphate solution to sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid’; Heavy Water Board, Mumbai.

    7. ‘Electroremediation of soils contaminated with heavy metals / organic pollutants and radio nuclides’, CSIR Taskforce.

    8. ‘Waste to wealth through Hydro & Electrometallurgical processing’, CSIR Non-network project.

    9. ‘Engineering consultancy work for development of Electrolytic – Membrane process for conversion of effluent sodium sulphate solution to sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid‘; HWB (DAE), Mumbai.

    10. ‘Multifunctional electrodes and electrolytes for futuristic electrochemical technologies’; CSIR XII plan (CSC0101), New Delhi.

    11. ‘Feasibility studies to recover Mn metal from low grade Mn ore’; TATA Steel Ltd.,  Jamshedpur.

    12. ‘Process scale-up and feasibility study for improving Mn/Fe ratio of low grade   manganese ore’; TATA Steel Ltd., Jamshedpur.

    13. ‘Evaluation of design parameters for dewatering of manganese nodules’; National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), Chennai.

    14. ‘Recovery of alumina from Fly ash’; CSIR (FTT Project).

    15. ‘Nickel Technology ProvingPlant at RRL by GTZ-CSIR-HZL ‘ (10 tpd raw material processing ‘Technology Proving Plant’); German Agency for Technical Collaboration (GTZ), CSIR & HZL.

    16. ‘Development of process for extraction of Cu, Ni, Co & Mn from deep sea ocean nodules and testing in pilot scale (Technology Proving Plant in a scale of 500 kg/day nodules) ‘; Ministry of Earth Sciences, New Delhi.

    17. ‘Advice on processing of secondary cobalt containing materials‘; M/s Rubamin Ltd, Baroda.

    18. ‘Literature survey on electrolytic nickel hydroxide‘; M/s Techno Chemicals, Mumbai.

    19. ‘Preparation of engineering package for a 1200 tpa nickel electrowinning plant‘; M/s NICOMET Ind. Ltd., Mumbai.

    20. ‘Pressure leaching of Ni-Co sulphides of M/s Nicomet Industries Ltd. ‘; M/s NICOMET Ind. Ltd., Mumbai.

    21. ‘Development of a process for recovery of metal values from dust and sludges of Durgapur Steel Plant‘; RDCIS, Ranchi.

    22. ‘Preparation of Nickel Hydroxide suitable to Nickel Cadmium and Nickel metal hydride batteries‘; MNES, New Delhi.

    23. ‘Solid and liquid waste inventorisation, characterization and disposal plan for the proposed second phase expansion for NALCO production and handling plants. (Smelter at ANGUL) ‘; National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO), Bhubaneswar.

    24. ‘Basic study on precipitation of Boehmite‘; National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO), Bhubaneswar.

    25. ‘Technical know-how and experimental back up for electrolytic reduction of iron (III) present in phosphoric acid to iron (II) state‘; Heavy Water Board (DAE).

    26. ‘Prevention of coal dust at mechanical coal handling plant‘; Paradip Port Trust, Odisha.

    27. ‘Recovery of copper and tellurium from secondary raw materials‘; M/s  Grishma Special Chemicals, Mumbai.

    28. ‘Development and design of diaphragm-less cells for electrolytic acid killing‘; IGCAR (DAE), Kalpakkam.

    29. ‘Recovery of copper from copper bearing slag tailings‘; Aditya Birla Copper, Mumbai.

    30. ‘Chromite recovery from COB plant tailings and sub grade chromite ore‘; Jindal Stainless Steel, Bhubaneswar.

    31. ‘Consultancy assistance for setting up of the 500TPD commercial chromite beneficiation plant and to assist its flotation plant performance evaluation‘; Jindal Stainless Steel, Bhubaneswar.

    32. ‘Laboratory scale study on alumina trihydrate productivity using catalyst‘; National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO), Bhubaneswar.

    33. ‘Collection characterization and screening of potential micro algae from West Bengal and Odisha coast and pilot scale demonstration of algal oil production‘; Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi.

    34. ‘Microbial desulphurization of calcined petroleum coke (Phase I & II) ‘; ALCOA, USA.

    35. ‘Laboratory testing of copper oxide ore, Oman; Engineers India Ltd. ‘, New Delhi.

    36. ‘Production of manganese sulphate from low grade manganese ore of Gujarat by non-conventional leaching techniques‘; Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation, Gujarat.

    37. ‘Globally competitive chemical processes and products‘; CSIR taskforce project.

    38. ‘Consultancy for installation and commissioning of a commercial plant to produce 8 tpd of high pure Cu cathode through acid leaching – electrowinning route‘; M/s ASSM General Trading Company, UAE.

    39. ‘Recovery of nickel from chromite over burden of Orissa Mining Corporation‘; Orissa Mining Corporation, Bhubaneswar.

    40. ‘Detailed Design, Inspection, Testing and Commissioning of Electrolytic Reduction Cell Assembly for TDP at RCF, Trombay‘; Heavy Water Board (DAE), Mumbai.

    41. ‘Nickel recovery from refinery electrolyte (Phase-I&II) ‘; Hindalco Industries (Birla copper unit), Dahej.

    42. ‘Recovery of tellurium powder from anode slimes‘; Hindalco Industries (Birla copper unit), Dahej.

    43. ‘Recovery of lead from anode slimes‘; Hindalco Industries (Birla copper unit), Dahej.

    44. ‘Basic engineering process package for recovery of tellurium powder and removal of lead from anode slimes‘; Hindalco Industries (Birla copper unit), Dahej.

    45. ‘Metallurgical test work on recovery of Cu from leach residue‘; M/s. Chandra Proteco Ltd., Silvassa, India.

    46. ‘Preparation of techno-economic feasibility report for 700  tpd  low  grade  rock  phosphate  ore beneficiation plant for RSMML, Rajasthan‘; Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals Ltd.,Udaipur, Rajasthan.

    47. ‘Recovery of copper from copper bearing slag tailings‘; Aditya Birla copper, Mumbai.

    48. ‘Preparation and characterization of EMD suitable for batteries from slurry containing Mn and Co‘; KIGAM, South Korea.

    49. Recycling of Lithium ion batteries; Renault Nissan Technology, Chennai.

    50. ‘An investigation on recovery of alumina in NALCO fly ash through pyro-hydrometallurgical / bioprocessing methods‘; National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO), Bhubaneswar.

    51. ‘Electrochemical process for improving productivity of alumina in Bayer liquor‘; National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO), Bhubaneswar.

    52. ‘Recyclability  strategy of value added utilization of iron/ manganese ore tailing /low grade  ore: evaluation of energy storage capacities‘; Ministry of Mines, Govt. of India.

    53. ‘Processing of secondary resources for the production of battery materials‘; CSIR-FTT Project.

    54. ‘Manganese nodules slurry characteristics and pumping studies for vertical transport‘; NIOT, Chennai.

    55. ‘Multi-helical microfluidic system for integrated extraction- separation of metal ions‘; Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India.

    56. ‘Feasibility of bauxite leaching under high temperature conditions‘; HINDALCO Industries Limited, Belagavi.


    Splitting of sodium sulphate bearing effluent through electro-membrane process for the production of sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid; 2017; M/s Heavy Water Board, Mumbai

    Recovery of Pd from spent nuclear fuel effluent (High level liquid waste) using ionic liquids; 2015; Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam

    Recovery of high pure Te, Cu and Pb from anode slime; 2012; M/s Hindalco Industries Ltd., Dahej, Gujarat.

    Electrochemical reduction cell assembly design; 2008; M/s Heavy Water Board, Mumbai

    Chromite recovery from COB plant tailings and sub-grade chromite ore; 2008; M/s Jindal Stainless Steel Limited, Bhubaneswar

    Recovery of cobalt carbonate from cobalt bearing slag of South Africa; 1998; M/s Shalina Trading Corporation Ltd., Mumbai

    Recovery of cobalt from superalloy scrap/sludge; 1997; M/s Rubamin Ltd., Baroda

    Production of Copper cathode from secondary sources; 1997; M/s Hydromet India Ltd, Kancheepuram