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  • Dr. Bikash Kumar Jena FRSC, Senior Principal Scientist 9438416008, ,


    Dr. Jena received his Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He got his post-doctoral experience from University of Washington, USA. He visited the Technical University of Munich, Germany, as visiting scientist. Dr. Jena joined at colloids and materials chemistry department, CSIR-IMMT, in 2007 (December) as Scientist and has been undertaking research independently in the interdisciplinary field of research in materials science that would have a strong direct impact on the scientific society as well as the common man. In particular, new and easy synthetic routes has been developed to produce metal nanoparticles, carbon-based quantum dots, nanodots, graphene, and graphene-metal/metal oxide hybrid materials which are applied for a lot of promising application in sensing, biosensing, electrocatalysis, energy conversion, and storage. He has published 88 papers in high-impact international journals, 45 papers in national and international conferences, 5 patents, and 9 book chapters. His work has received 4500 and above citations with h index of 37. His research work has been highlighted on the cover page of the journals Nature India news and India Today Magazine.6 Ph.D. has been awarded under the supervision of Dr. Jena. He has executed 14 projects (MNRE, BRNS, CSIR-HRDG, CSIR, NALCO, SERB) as principal investigator and 15 projects as Co-Investigator and Member. He has been conferred many prestigious young scientist awards from CRSI, CSIR, NASI, Indian Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry, Odisha Bigyan Academy, Indian science congress association, and Orissa chemical society. He is actively engaged as a reviewer for many RSC, Wiley, and ACS journals and is a member of the editorial board of the ISRN Analytical Chemistry, Current Catalysis (Bentham Science Publishers).

    • Ph.D.: Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, INDIA.
    • Post Doc: Department of Chemistry, University of Washington, USA.
    • Visiting Scientist: Technical University of Munich, Germany.
    • Senior Principal Scientist:  Materials Chemistry Department, Institute of Minerals & Materials Technology (CSIR), Bhubaneswar, India.

      • Synthesis of metal/ metal oxides/sulfides/phosphides materials, carbon-based materials (graphene, carbon quantum dots)
      • Electrochemical energy conversion (HER/OER) and storage (Supercapacitor/Metal air Batteries) applications;
      • Photo-electrochemistry;
      • Electrochemical splitting of water to clean energy;
      • Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 to valuable product;
      • Supercapacitors;
      • Electrochemical Coatings on metal substrates

    Ø Indian Institute of Metals Award (Bhubaneswar Chapter)-2022

    Ø Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, UK

    Ø CRSI-Bronze Medal-The Chemical Research Society of India-2021

    Ø Selected as Member-The National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI)-2021

    Ø Young Scientist Award-The National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI)-2014

    Ø Young Scientist Award-Odisha Bigyan Academy-2013

    Ø Young Scientist Award, Indian Society for ElectroAnalytical Chemistry-2013

    Ø Young Scientist Award, CSIR (Chemical Sciences)-2011

    Ø Young scientist award, Indian Science Congress Association-2009

    Ø Young Scientist award, Orissa Chemical Society-2008


    ·    R. I. Mohanty, A. Mukherjee, P. Bhanja, Bikash Kumar Jena,* Novel microporous   manganese phosphonate-derived metal oxides as prospective cathode materials for superior flexible asymmetric micro-  supercapacitor device,
    Journal of Energy Storage, 2023, 72, 108730. [9.4]

    ·   T. Ping, T. K. Das and Bikash Kumar Jena,*  In-situ construction of Fe/Ni/Co-phosphide heterostructures with electron redistribution and tailored porosity for the efficient water oxidation  reaction, Electrochimica Acta, 459, 2023, 142504. [6.9]

    ·    B. Mohanty#, L. Pradhan#, M. Kandasamy,  B. Chakraborty, Bikash Kumar Jena,* The experimental and theoretical Findings of the concerted effect of Dual Quantum Dots on Graphene matrix for Energy Storage Applications,  Energy & Fuels, (Accepted). [5.3]

    ·   L. Pradhan, B. Nayak, A. Mukherjee, S. Basu, P. Bhanja, Bikash Kumar Jena,* Sphere-like Naphthalene-Based Microporous Nickel Phosphonate Facile for Asymmetric Supercapacitor Devices and Bifunctional Oxygen Electrocatalysts, ACS Appl.  Energy Mater., 2023, 6, 6, 3347–3356.[6.4]

    ·      S. K. Das, L. Pradhan, Bikash Kumar Jena,* S. Basu, Polymer derived honeycomb-like carbon nanostructures for high capacitive supercapacitor application Carbon2023, 201, 49-59 [10.9]

    ·      B. Nayak, A. Mukherjee, S. Basu, P. Bhanja,* Bikash Kumar Jena,* Metal Free Triazine-Based Porous Organic Polymer Derived N-Doped Porous Carbons: Efficient Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction, ACS Applied Energy Materials2022, 5, 15899–15908[IF:6.959]

    ·      Tapas K. Das, Tapan Ping, Manoj Mohapatra, Shahid Anwar, Chinnakonda S. Gopinath and Bikash Kumar Jena* Concerted effect of Ni-in and S-out on ReS2 nanostructures towards high-efficiency oxygen evolution reaction ChemComm 2022 58, 3689-3692 [IF:6.065]

    ·      P. Bhanja, B. Mohanty, B. Paul, A. Bhaumik, Bikash Kumar Jena,* S. Basu,* Novel microporous organic-inorganic hybrid metal phosphonates as electrocatalysts towards water oxidation reaction Electrochimica Acta 2022, 416,140277 [IF:7.336]

    ·      B. Mohanty, S. Basu, Bikash Kumar Jena,* Transition Metal-Based Single-Atom Catalysts (TM-SACs); Rising Electrocatalyst for CO2 Reduction, Journal of Energy Chemistry 202270, 444-471 [IF:13.599]

    ·      P. Bhanja, B. Mohanty, S. Chongdar, A. Bhaumik, Bikash Kumar Jena,* S. Basu,* Novel Microporous Iron Embedded Cobalt Phosphonates Feasible for Electrochemical Overall Water Splitting ACS Applied Energy Materials 2022  5, 3558–3567 [IF:6.959]

    ·      B. Polai, B. K. Satpathy, Bikash Kumar Jena,* S. K. Nayak An Overview of Coating Processes on Metal Substrates Based on Graphene-Related Materials for Multifarious Applications, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 202261, 13763–13786 [ 4.326]

    ·      S. Bhattacharjee, S. Chongdar, A. Modak, P. Bhanja, Bikash Kumar Jena* and Asim Bhaumik*, Synthesis of isocyanate-free polyurethane concocting multiple cyclic carbonates catalysed by a new microporous zinc phosphonate via CO2 fixation Green Chem.2022, 24, 8853-8862[IF:11.034]

    ·      Kishore K. Jena, Ahmad Mayyas, Bishnupad Mohanty, Bikash Kumar Jena,* Jeena Rose Jos, Akram AlFantazi, Brahmananda Chakraborty, Abdulrahman Abdulla Almarzooqi, Recycling of High Performance Graphite Powder from Spent Lithium ion Batteries (LIBs) to Synthesize Graphene nano-sheets (GNs) and GNs- Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) nano-hybrid materials for high performance Supercapacitor. Energy and Fuels 2022, 36, 2159–2170 [IF:4.654]

    ·      B, Mohanty, P. Bhanja, Bikash Kumar Jena* An Overview on advances in Design and Development of Materials for electrochemical generation of Hydrogen and Oxygen Materials Today Energy 2022 23, 100902 [IF:9.257]

    ·      Nitesh Kumar, L. Pradhan, Bikash Kumar Jena* “Recent Progress on Novel Current Collector Electrodes for Energy Storage Devices: Supercapacitors” WIREs Energy and Environment 2022, 11, e415 [IF:6.016]

    ·      L. Giri, B. Mohanty, R. Thapa, Bikash Kumar Jena* and V. R. Pedireddi “Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Framework Structure: A Metal-Free Electrocatalyst for the Evolution of Hydrogen” ACS Omega 2022. 7, 22440–22446 11, e415 [IF: 4.132]

    ·      L. Pradhan, R. I. Mohanty, R. Bal, S. Basu, Bikash Kumar Jena,* P. Bhanja, Novel microporous nickel phosphonate derived heteroatom doped nickel oxides and phosphides: potential electrocatalysts for water oxidation, Catalysis Today2022. (In press;[IF: 6.562]

    ·      R. I. Mohanty, L. Pradhan, S. Chongdar, S. Basu, P. Bhanja, Bikash Kumar Jena,* Newly designed microporous organic-inorganic hybrid cobalt phosphonate for hydrogen evolution reaction, CatalysisToday2022. (Inpress[IF: 6.562]

    ·      S. Kamila, P. Mane, R. I. Mohanty, B. Chakraborty, Bikash Kumar Jena* Supercapacitor Properties of V10O14(OH)2 and Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrids: Experimental and Theoretical Insights Electrochimica Acta 2021, 399, 139357[IF:7.336]

    ·      P. Bhanja, B, Mohanty, S, Chongdar, Asim Bhaumik, Bikash Kumar Jena*, S. Basu, Novel Microporous Metal Phosphonates Feasible for Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Reaction ACS Applied Energy Materials 2021, 4, 12827–12835 [IF:6.959]

    ·      S. Ruidas, B. Mohanty, P. Bhanja, Erakulan E. S., R. Thapa, P. Das, A. Chowdhury, S. Mandal,*  Bikash Kumar Jena,* A. Bhaumik* Metal-Free Triazine based 2D Covalent Organic Framework for Efficient H2 Evolution via Electrochemical Water-Splitting" ChemSusChem 2021, 14, 5057-5064 [IF:9.140]

    ·      Bishnupad Mohanty, Lopamudra Giri, Bikash Kumar Jena* "MXene-Derived Quantum Dots for Energy Conversion and Storage Applications" Energy and Fuels 2021, 35, 14304–14324[IF:4.654]

    ·      B. Mohanty, Y, Wei, M. Ghorbani-Asl, P. Rajput A. V. Krasheninnikov, Bikash Kumar Jena* “Revealing the defect-dominated oxygen evolution activity of hematene” J. Mater. Chem. A 2020, 8, 6709-6716 [IF:14.511]

    ·      S. Mondal, B Mohanty, M. Nurhuda, S. Dalapati, M. Addicoat, Bikash Kumar Jena,* Asim Bhaumik* “Thiadiazole Based Covalent Organic Framework: Metal-free Electrocatalyst towards Oxygen Evolution Reaction” ACS Catalysis 202010, 5623–5630. [IF:13.700]

    ·      S, K. Das, S. Kamila, B. Satpati, M. Kandasamy, B. Chakraborty, S. Basu and Bikash Kumar Jena* “Hollow Mn3O4 Nanospheres on Graphene Matrix for Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Supercapacitance Applications: Experimental and Theoretical Insight” Journal of Power Sources 2020, 471, 228465. [IF:9.794]

    ·      S, K. Das, S. C. Sahu, Sruthi T. J, B. Chakraborty, S. Basu and Bikash Kumar Jena* The Experimental and Theoretical Insights on the Interaction of AuPd Bimetalic Nanoentities on Graphene: A Study on Electrocatalytic Activity towards Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrochimica Acta 2020, 356,136820. [IF:7.336]

    ·      B. Mohantya, Bikash Kumar Jena, M. Kandasamy, N. Dalaia, R. K. Sahu, R.M. Kadam, B. Chakraborty, B. Jena* “The role of Se vacancy and Fe doping on Nickel Selenide for Water Oxidation Reaction” Sustainable Energy & Fuels 2020, 4, 3058-3065. [IF:6.813]

    ·      S. Mondal, V. Suryakumar, Bikash Kumar Jena, V. Subhramanian and C. Retna Raj* Bifunctional Electrocatalytic Activity of Ordered Intermetallics Based on Pd and Sn J. Phys. Chem. C  2020124, 9631–9643. [IF:4.177]

    ·      B. Mohantya, A. Mitra, B. Jena Bikash Kumar JenaMoS2 Quantum Dots as an Efficient Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Over Wide pH Range Energy & Fuels 2020 34, 10268–10275. [4.654]

    ·      S. K. Das, S. C. Sahu, A. Ghosh and Bikash Kumar Jena* “The Hybrids of Core-Shell Chain-like Nanostructure of Au@Porous Pd with Graphene for Energy Conversion Application” ChemistrySelect 2020, 5, 6048-6053. [IF:2.307]

    ·      P. Guha, B. Mohanty, R. Thapa, P. V. Satyam, and Bikash Kumar Jena,* “Defects Engineered MoO2 Nanostructures as an Efficient Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction” ACS Applied Energy Materials 2020 3, 5208–5218. . [IF:6.959]

    ·      B. Mohanty, Bikash Kumar Jena*, S. Basu* “Single Atom on the 2D Matrix: An Emerging Electrocatalyst for Energy Applications” ACS Omega 2020, 5,1287-1295. [IF:4.132]

    ·      S. Kamila, K. Manikandan, B. Chakraborty, Bikash Kumar Jena* “Role of Iodine on HI treated flexible reduced graphene oxide film for enhancement of supercapacitance properties: Experimental with insight from DFT Simulations” New Journal of Chemistry2020, 44, 1418-1425. [IF:3.925]

    ·      S, K. Das, S. C. Sahu, A. Ghosh, S. Basu, B. Chakraborty, and Bikash Kumar Jena* “The experimental and theoretical insights towards the CO induced Pd-Graphene and their multifunctional energy conversion applications” Carbon 2019, 149, 307-317. [IF:11.307]

    ·      S. Kamila, B. Chakraborty, S. Basu, Bikash Kumar Jena* “Combined Experimental and Theoretical Insights into Energy Storage Applications of a VO2(D)–Graphene Hybrid” J. Phys. Chem. C 2019, 123, 24280-24288[IF: 4.177]

    ·      U. Kayal, B. Mohanty, P. Bhanja, D. Chandra, M. Hara, Bikash Kumar Jena* and Asim Bhaumik “Ag NPs decorated ordered mesoporous silica as an efficient electrocatalyst for alkaline water oxidation reaction” Dalton Transactions 2019, 48, 2220-2227. [IF:4.569]

    ·      P. Bhanja, B. Mohanty, A. K. Patra, S. Ghosh, Bikash Kumar Jena* Asim Bhaumik “IrO2 and Pt doped mesoporous SnO2 nanospheres as efficient electrocatalysts for the facile OER and HER” ChemCatChem 2019, 11, 583-592. [IF:5.497]

    ·      A. Dutta, S. Mutyala, A. K. Samantara, S. Bera, Bikas Kumar Jena* and Narayan Pradhan* Synergistic Effect of Inactive Iron Oxide Core on Active Nickel Phosphide Shell for Unprecedented Enhancement in the OER Activity ACS Energy Lett2018, 3, 141−148. [IF:23.991]

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    ·      A. K. Samantara, S. Kamila, A. Ghosh, Bikash Kumar Jena*, “Highly Ordered 1D NiCo2O4 Nanorods on Graphene: An Efficient Dual-functional Hybrid Materials for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Applications” Electrochimica Acta2018, 264, 147-157. [IF:7.336]

    ·      B. Mohanty, K. K. Naik, S. Sahoo, B. Jena, B. Chakraborty, C. S. Rout, Bikash Kumar Jena*, “Efficient photoelectrocatalytic activity of CuWO4 nanoplates towards the oxidation of NADH driven in visible light” ChemistrySelec2018, 3, 9008 – 9012. [IF:2.307]

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    ·      I. Mukherjee, S. K. Das, Bikash Kumar Jena, R. Sahab and S. Chatterjee, “Dissimilitude behaviour of Cu2O nano-octahedra and nano-cubes towards photo-and electrocatalytic activities” New Journal of Chemistry, 2018, 42, 3692-3702. [IF:3.925]

    • Bikash Kumar Jena, Swagatika kamila and Lingaraj Pradhan “Electrochromic supercapacitor application of vanadium doped cobalt chloride carbonate hydroxide: Process for preparation  thereof .“ patent filed (2022, Ref no: E1/5277/2022-DEL)
    • Bishnupad Mohanty and Bikash Kumar Jena “Nickel-Cobalt bimetallic nanostructures entrenched in nitrogen-riched-carbon for hydrogen evolution reaction process for preparation thereof.” patent filed (2021, Ref no: 202111025130)
    • B. K. Jena and C. Retna Raj “Ultra-sensitive Simultaneous Electrochemical Determination of Arsenic, Mercury and Copper.” US patent (US 8568825B2, Date of Patent Oct 29, 2013).
    • B. K. Jena and C. Retna Raj“Metal nanoparticle based sensors for hydrogen peroxide, uric acid and cholesterol and the preparation thereof”: Filed-Indian (Ref : No. 36/KOL/2010).

    Principal Investigator

    Evaluating the potential antiviral efficacy of functional carbon quantum dots loaded with Ketorolac salt against SARS-CoV-2 
            ( Funded by: SERB, India), 2020-2021
    EXAFS/XANES Study of Transition Metal Based Catalysts for energy Conversion & Storage (Funded by: DAE CSR, India), 2020-2023
    High Pure Nano Alumina for Solar Cell Antireflection Coatings and Reinforcing Aluminium (Funded by: NALCO, India), 2019-2021
    Development of Aluminium-based Materials for Energy Storage Application-Supercapacitor (Funded by: NALCO, India), 2020-2021
    Development of electrochromic supercapacitor (Funded by: CSIR, India), 2018-2019
    Development of Supercapacitor for Electrochemical Energy Storage Application (Funded by: CSIR, India), 2016-2017
    2D Layered Material Reinforced Metal Nanostructures for Energy Conversion Applications (Funded by: BRNS, India), 2013-2016
    Development of graphene and metal nanoparticle hybrid materials for electrocatalytic and bio-electrocatalytic applications
            (Funded by: CSIR-HRDG , Young Scientist Award Project)),2013-2018
    Development of Platinum Free Hybrid Electrocatalyst Based on Nanostructured Metal Particles and Graphene for Fuel Cell Applications (Funded by: MNRE, India), 2013-2017
    Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials and their electrochemical and optical applications 
            (Funded by: CSIR, India), 2011-2014


    Fault prediction of transferred arc thermal plasma by real-time monitoring of optical, acoustic and electrical signals to avoid extinction ( Funded by: SERB, India), 2019-2022
    Evaluation of suitability of nano iron/iron oxide powders of energy and sensor applications (Funded by: NMDC, Hyderabad, India), 2019-2022
    Photo-functional Materials for Industrial dye mineralization (Funded by: DST, India), 2019-2021
    Conversion of emitted CO2 to chemical fuels (Funded by: Ministry of steel (MoS, India), 2018-2021
    Protective conducting materials coating of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3, MnCo2O4 and Mn1.5Co1.5O4 on SOFC interconnect Crofer 22 APU
            by electrophoretic deposition to mitigate high temperature oxidation and degradation (Funded by: CSIR, India), 2018-2020
    Development of Ferrite-oxide hybrid microwave absorbing materials for stealth application (Funded by: CSIR, India), 2018-2020
    Textile/Industrial wastewater treatment using photo-functional materials under solar/visible light (Funded by: CSIR, India), 2017-2018
    Electrophoretic Deposition for Industrial Application (Funded by: CSIR, India), 2016-2018
    Centre of Excellence for Novel Energy Materials (Funded by: MHRD, India), 2014-2019
    Speciality materials based on Engineered clays (Funded by: CSIR, India), 2014-2017
    Graphene reinforced polymer nanocomposite as environment barrier coating (Funded by: BRNS, India), 2013-2016
    Electrochemical systems for recovery and detection of metal values (Funded by: CSIR, India), 2012-2017
    Centre for Special Materials (Funded by: CSIR, India), 2012-2017
    Functional Hybrid Materials for Energy and Sensing Applications (Funded by: CSIR, India), 2012-2017