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  • 23-06-2022 16:05

    Yoga is the essence of physical,  mental and overall well-being. On the eve of the International Yoga Day,  CSIR-IMMT conducted a 2- days Yoga sessions on 20/06/2022 and 21/06/2022. The event was inaugurated by Prof. S Basu, Director CSIR-IMMT and was graced by Sri Suresh Kumar Mohapatra, Pranta Pradhan, Bharatiya Yoga Santhan. The chief dignitaries motivated the participants about the importance of Yoga in everyday lives and how it should be incorporated to improve the quality of one's life. The entire event was coordinated by Mr. Abhaya Kumar Sahoo, Nodal Officer and the teams of International Day of Yoga event.

    The hallmark of the observance was the Yoga session conducted by the Yoga Guru Sri Suresh Kumar Mohapatra on 20/06/2022 and 21/06/2022. All the participants proactively practised the Yoga postures, Pranayams during the workshop. The International day of Yoga 2022 observed by the CSIR-IMMT was very impactful in the sense that it inspired the officials with families, students and scholar to inculcate Yoga in their daily lives to enhance their physical and mental well-being


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