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  • HRD

    Human Resource Department aims at promoting professional human resource management at various levels of staff in the Institute, and at the same time cater to the needs of the society through its Scientific Social Responsibility programme. It constantly interacts and coordinates with HRD-CSIR for various activities of the institute.

    Skill Development Training Calendar till March 2021

      Sl No

      Skill Development Programme

      Date (tentative)


      Advance Machining & Advance Welding

      Dec 14-18, 2020 & Feb 15-20, 2021


      Non-Destructive Testing and Mechanical Characterization of Materials

      Dec 2020 / Jan 2021


      National Workshop on Advanced Material Characterization Techniques (NWAMCT 2021)

      [Funded by SERB-Accelerate Vigyaan]

      Jan 4-12, 2021


      Skill Workshop on Atmospheric Aerosol Pollution

      Jan 2021 (2nd week)


       Hands-on Training on Advanced Plasma Processing Techniques for Industrial Challenges (HAPTIC)

      [Funded by SERB-Accelerate Vigyaan]

      Jan 23-31, 2021


      Surface Processing and Characterization Techniques

      Feb 2021 (2nd/3rd week)