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  • Graphenophora: SEM micrograph of Graphene Oxide (GO) coated on copper by electrophoretic deposition, forming rGo. 28-10-2020

    This image represents the field emission scanning electron micrograph of graphene oxide (GO) coated on copper by electrophoretic deposition. During the deposition, some of the GO gets reduced to rGO, revealing crumpled, rippled, and randomly aggregated structures. I find this image to be a perfect reminiscent of a biological species in deep down the sea. So, as a part of an expedition to coatings in a sea of nano-materials, the scientists in MCD, CSIR-IMMT named this new species as “Graphenophora” which means “Graphene-bearing”. It comprises of a flat head with long and distinguishable tentacles and is bio-luminescent in nature carrying electrical signals, as graphene itself shows high electrical conductivity. The width of the image is 0.002 mm.

    --N Usha Kiran (Ph.D Scholar), CSIR Institute Of Minerals And Materials Technology

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